E-300 vs E-1

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Richard Pavek
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Re: E-300 vs E-1

Yes, of course. I wasn't trying to mislead anybody. When I wrote 5.5 Mpixels I was refering to the entire pixel count, which has been the conventional way all manufacturers counted pixels. There is always some loss in actual because of reasons I don't fully understand so can't articulate in any meaningful way. At the time the E-1 came out, all manufacturers listed total pixels and comparisons were made that way so everybody's 5 Mpixel was understood to have slightly fewer useable pixels.

However, I have just this morning made an interesting discovery. According to Oly's specs on the E-300 (which I got off the web) the actual number of pixels on the ccd is 8.15 Mpixels, more than the advertised pixel count! Oly may be the first to give out the usable number instead of the total. But. as always, WYSIWII. What You See is What Is Important. Ther is no discernable difference between the pairs of prints lying here on my desk.My best, Richard

talent28 wrote:

Richard Pavek wrote:

Yes it is 5.5,
got to get it together and do the tests, the sun is out and the
mist is just about gone! Richard

Looked at your test just now (the full size jpegs at your site) and
as you say, it's really difficult to see any difference with the E1
interpolated to 8mp.

By the way, you're wrong about the E1 being 5.5mp native. 2560x1920
clearly equals 4,92mp.

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