E-300 vs E-1

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Re: curious...

You are right jrg there probably is very little difference but on the three or four occasions I have handled the E1 it has always felt the same to me - big- and a strretch to hold - the E10 is right on the limit of my comfort level --- it is hard to think of a suitable comparison-- pistol grips? - when I was into pistol shooting as a sport (paper targets only) - my K38 S&W revolver's wooden grips that came with it were impossible for me to use comfortably but the Pachmeyer hard rubber grips were perfection- yet to compare their dimensions there was very little in it (disregardfing the texture and give of the latter) - just enough to make a difference in comfort levels - I am sure it is just a personal idiosyncracy- many folks would not notice the difference but for me it is enough to make me want it otherwise

It may be a shape difference - not sure?


jrg wrote:

OK back to my recent experience withthe two cameras in question

  • the E1 - I really do want one of these and I can afford irt now

BUT it does not fit my hand - it is just too big in the grip I find
I am stretching too much and from years of lugging SLRs around

Curious, the two cameras side by side, E1 and E10, are very similar
dimension wise. DP Now even had a set of photos set up comparing
the similarity.

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