E-300 vs E-1

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Re: Wait for the E3 ? ----->

Adam-T wrote:

I'm not lumping you in here Ray but there are a lot of people
trying hard to convince themselves that the E1 is as good for large
prints as the E300 and it just isn't, it hasn't got the resolving
power, colour seems much the same as does Dynamic range etc, also
then there's the AF thing, I know crappy AF when I see it (ANY
Canon Digicam bar the Pro1 before the Firmware update), the hit and
mainly miss Fuji S2 and the 10D with its clumsy big AF sensors, the
low sensitivity D30 etc and I know great AF when I see it also
(D2H, 1D, 1DS) and the E300 is in the latter category -
in a compact DSLR for candid work and using less than FAST lenses
(I mean no F1.8s or faster here), this matters to me more than
being able to fit a grid screen, having an excellent JPG engine or
stand getting a little wet.

Yea Adam, you must be right, as you say you're a pro

I don't know how you manage to take any photographs with the amount of time you spend on this forum handing out your words of wisdom.

Any way I'm off to bed I'm bored.

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