E-300 vs E-1

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Re: Wait for the E3 ? ----->

The E1 is a lot more than 'niceness', its image quality is superb

as is the E300 even when you clip 5Mp from the centre of an image (RAW obviously given the current firmware)

(this is different to comparing the number of pixels); it has much
better high ISO performance if you need this

Has it though?, I can't remember how the E1 did in this respect since I only shot it at lowest ISO only and just looked at pics from others at higher ones but the only way to compare is with ORFs via a non-Oly RAW converter to see the Real noise - anyway, resizing E300 pics to 5Mp reduces noise somewhat - something to bear in mind

not just for rain, it's for dust, mud (see Doreen's post), spills
etc; it has a tough, go anywhere magnesium alloy body

Agreed, if you need that, as it happens, I do hence the 1DS

still out on which one has better colour rendition

Much the same from what I can tell

Don't get sucked in by the more MPs argument

I'm not, but just the same, don't get sucked into "It's PRO so it has to be better" - the D70 in most respects image wise is a better camera than the bullet proof D1X, things get better over time and often it's the consumer cameras which have the leading edge stuff in..

I'm not lumping you in here Ray but there are a lot of people trying hard to convince themselves that the E1 is as good for large prints as the E300 and it just isn't, it hasn't got the resolving power, colour seems much the same as does Dynamic range etc, also then there's the AF thing, I know crappy AF when I see it (ANY Canon Digicam bar the Pro1 before the Firmware update), the hit and mainly miss Fuji S2 and the 10D with its clumsy big AF sensors, the low sensitivity D30 etc and I know great AF when I see it also (D2H, 1D, 1DS) and the E300 is in the latter category -

in a compact DSLR for candid work and using less than FAST lenses (I mean no F1.8s or faster here), this matters to me more than being able to fit a grid screen, having an excellent JPG engine or stand getting a little wet.

Roll on the E3 is all I can say, it'll combine the lot in one camera!

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