E-300 vs E-1

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Richard Pavek
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Re: E-300 vs E-1

Yes it is 5.5,

got to get it together and do the tests, the sun is out and the mist is just about gone! Richard

talent28 wrote:

Richard Pavek wrote:

I totally agree with OzRay on this. The E-1 is superb and you will
be able to get all the sharpness you want on your A3's. But hang
on, I have borrowed an E-300 to do some comparison shots. The
weather has been lousey but looks like it will be OK today. So I am
going to shoot some comparison shots, 5.5 Mpixels agains 8 Mpixels.
I am one of those who believes that the most important thing in
sharpness is the lens. I don't think 8 mpixels is enough to get any
noticable difference in final print images. We will see and I will
post the results.

That would be really interesting to see. Can't wait.

Is the E1 actually 5.5mp? I thought it was 5.

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