E-300 vs E-1

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Re: E-300 vs E-1

Adam-T wrote:

I think that everyone knows the E1 advantages - the BODY basically
which is a full Pro device but the E300 has a few advantages too ..
Basically it resolves a LOT more, the downer is that at the moment
you have to use RAW to get it as Oly botched the Processing engine.
the AF is more sensitive and supposedly faster too, card writes and
image reviewing is faster, the Focus points light up also where
they don't on the E1 (sounds trivial but it's not when you're
trying to spot focus in low light).
The E300 also has a colossal advantage if you want a power grip as
the E1's is a horribly overpriced kit with a dedicated battery
which fits nothing else and replacements are expensive - the E300's
grip is a fraction of the Price and takes TWO standard BLM-1
batteries which not only fit the E1 & E300 bodies but the C5060,
8080 and other olys too.
If I was printing above A3, I'd not be happy doing it with a 5MP
camera as I like the most detail in my prints, a RAW shot E300
would be noticably better than even a 10D let alone the E1. The
best thing to do is try printing an E1 review photo - the E1's
processing engine is very good indeed (they didn't mess that one
up) and see how it measures up, the E300 is more difficult if you
want to see it at anywhere near its full potential unless you can
find a full size file from RAW converted in ACR or master in Edit
I thought I'd post my opinion before the flood of E300 bashing started

Thank you very much for your input. So in fact you'd recommend the E300 even if the price is equal?

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