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Re: E-300 vs E-1

Personally, there's no way I'd forsake all the features of the E1 for a few extra MP. The E300 is a very good camera, don't get me wrong, but these two are chalk and cheese. Also, the 14-54mm lens that comes with the E1 is nothing to be sneezed at.

The 'Pro' features that we are talking about are things like build, weatherproofing, operations etc, anyone will benefit from these features. And don't be misled by the fact that it ‘only’ has 5MP; the quality of images that it produces is excellent.

If the E300 had been out when I got my E1, I would still have got the E1, even at $1000 more. Always get the best quality that you can afford, sometimes even going just that little bit over , in the long-run it's worth it.



talent28 wrote:

I've been in the market for an Olympus E-300 for a while. I
consider it very good value for its price. I had finally made up my
mind about buying it, so I went down to a camera store in the city.
There, I looked at the E-300, and alongside it was the E-1 at
almost the same price!

Now, I must add, it was the student discount price. But as I am
indeed a student, that price clearly applied to me.

This came as a big surprise to me. I was not expecting the pro body
to be that cheap, almost the same price as the amateur body. So I
went back home without getting a camera, because I couldn't make up
my mind.

So this is where i need some help. At the same price (almost),
would it be a good idea for me to choose the E-1 over the E-300? As
I figure, the E-300 has one big advantage over the E-1, and that is
the 8 mp vs 5. Now, I am planning to print at A3+ but not any
larger, and if 5mp is enough for this then doesn't the E-1 seem
like the better choice? Is 5mp really enough for A3+ prints or will
I notice a difference in print quality compared to 8mp?

I am an amateur photographer moving up from the Sony F-828 because
of its excessive noise at higher ISO and long exposures. I do a lot
of different photography, like landscapes, portraits, macro shots
etc. I do not expect I will really need all the pro features of the
E-1, but its always nice, I guess, to grow into the equipment. And
then there's the superior kit lens that comes with the E-1. Much
better than the E-300 lens I figure.

I'm grateful for any help, specifically, reasons why one is better
for me than the other.

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