E-300 vs E-1

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Re: E-300 vs E-1

talent28 wrote:

I am an amateur photographer moving up from the Sony F-828 because
of its excessive noise at higher ISO and long exposures. I do a lot
of different photography, like landscapes, portraits, macro shots
etc. I do not expect I will really need all the pro features of the
E-1, but its always nice, I guess, to grow into the equipment. And
then there's the superior kit lens that comes with the E-1. Much
better than the E-300 lens I figure.

I'm grateful for any help, specifically, reasons why one is better
for me than the other.

I'm sure there will be others along ... and a search here wouldn't hurt, but for a few starter points:

For your macro stuff, if you're sticking with the kit lens, the E1's 14-54 would appear to be the better choic for close focussing. The extra low light ability isn't going to hurt your choiced at low light.

In all other ways, the E1 is also the better camera - apart from the landscape stuff. I'd say the extra megapixels would be an advantage.

However it does depend if you must have sharp detail in those landscapes and if som 8Mp probably isn't enough anyway (again, lots of posts here dealing with that).

I haven't personaly tried big prints with the E1 yet- but as I've got some fantastic 16*20" ones from my 4Mp E-10, I wouldn't worry. With something like genuine fractals, I certainly wouldn't worry.

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