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Three years too late?

This reads like it was written in 2001 or so, because it's hopelessly out of date.

Dirk Rieke-Zapp wrote:

I am wondering for a long time why consumers are still happy with
the decline in image quality especially in digital cameras.

Digital cameras are improving at a dramatic rate.

30 years ago the majority of people switched from rangefinder to SLR

cameras. We gained more flexibility for the price of large
distortion due to retrofocus wide angle lenses and ended up with
bigger more expensive cameras.

Modern retrofocus lenses have remarkably little distortion. What are you talking about?

APS format died before it really

started and now the mid range Digital SLR cameras are pushing
through a APS format sensor as STANDARD- my DCS 1 had a sensor that
size long long ago, no improvement here in 10 years.

Silicon is still expensive, so if you want an affordable dSLR, cutting down the size of the silicon is the only way to do it.

Even worse we

are putting super retrofocus constructions infront of a camera that
has a APS size chip, but use the mirror and light path of a 35mm
camera - THIS IS STUPID. The earth starts curving in your images
for no better reason but inferior optics or huge lens distorion.

HUGE lens distortion? Again, what are you talking about? Conventional optics are simpler to make, but I hardly think a lens such as the 40mm Zeiss Distagon on a Hasselblad suffers from huge distortion.

Olympus is right now the only camera system besides Kodak that
sells full frame cameras only.

The sensor is smaller than APS size. What is your point here?

The review about the E300 is wrong

to state a 2x conversion factor, this camera gives 1:1 wide angle -
still parallel light rays mean a retrofocus construction, but at
least Olympus is honest.

1:1 wide angle? Do you mean macro performance? This makes no sense to me.

It apperas impossible for many people to

think in any other standrad then 35mm, because they own 35mm
equipment. The same group of people makes up the majority of
camera buyers and since most of them own 35mm gear already it makes
sense to keep the mount, but hey there is more than 35mm format...
Anyone rememebr the old Olympus Pen series, these guys like small

So you're complaining because the sensors are too big, or too small? It's hard to follow your train of thought here. I think a comparison of the print quality from a modern dSLR, such as a Canon 20D, to any 35mm film camera at, say, a 20X enlargement will put to rest your quibbles with image quality.

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