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Re: We demand too little

MikeDitz wrote:

cmyk wrote:

One thing is as consumers we do not demand vendors to produce
better equipment. The sensors, well, are really junk overall. So
are the lenses.

Could you please expand on this theory?

All sensors?
All lenses?

All lenses...all sensors. What we buy--even 'pro' equipment is mass producted to some extent, so there are inherent compromises in quality. Same goes for the silicon--and how the imager is not only optimized but manufactured. We as consumers--the one's giving the vendors the profit--need to get together and send home the message to make better products (not the somewhat incremental improvements that we see today).

Here is the link I was referring to... (NOTE: I did not find the original one, but it was posted by someone else here on DPR, but was easier to fish out of my browser history than find the message here)....


All of the space pictures you see, especially from the early days of voyager were all 800x800 pixels by 255 color depth (everything grey scale), but looks like today's sensors are slightly bigger.

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