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Re: We demand too little

I think the point is yes, we have 'better' equipment today than there was in the past. But is it that much better. Open to debate.

One thing is as consumers we do not demand vendors to produce better equipment. The sensors, well, are really junk overall. So are the lenses. Apologies on losing the link, but there was one posted a day or so ago on what NASA uses for their imagers. Right at 1MP. Big sensor. No flaws. Perfectly ground optics. Fantastic images. Even the old voyager pictures were only 800x800 with a color depth of 1-255 (640,000b/image). The difference is perfection.

Granted--this is all hand built, and when you ramp up production, flaws tend to creep in, as not as much attention can be given to each individual element. However, the technology remains and is is available today. We just need to demand more. Its not really about a pixel race or an image size. The end result is the pictures produced. The only way to better pictures is a better system (including optics and sensors and software and all of the bits and pieces).

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