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Re: The expected "Recommended" rating is in :-)

man, attacking the DRebel for no other reason than the fact that allot of you are crying sour grapes because the E300 isnt all that great. Sounds like Rebel envy. Take the review for what it is. If Phil gave it a highly Recommended just like the Rebel would all the cry babies be questioning Phil and crying foul, I "highly" doubt it. I dont own a Rebel but have used one and those who say it feels flimsy have without a doubt never used one. Although it looks cheap, the shell is exactly the same as the Nikon D70 just moulded smooth. waaa waaa waaa !

Jahfakin wrote:
18 months ago, the D-Rebel deserved the "highly recommended"
rating, just like E-300 probably would have gotten the same "highly
recommended" rating, if it was release 18 months ago.

A lot of time has passed since the digital rebel was released.
Olympus has had plenty of time to get things right.

dgrogers wrote:

All things concidered, I think it has the rating it deserves. This
camera certainly isn't for everyone (but what camera is?). I do
not think the Digital Rebel deserved a highly recommended though.

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