E-300 Indoor Action Photos

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Re: E-1 Indoor Action Photo

Hi Cleave!

Thanks a lot! Great shots! I almost took E300 off my shopping list but your pics got me very impressed! Honestly - really surprised!

I don't shoot professional sports, in fact majority of my pics are kids and their events (concerts, sports, etc.). For sure they don't move 25-30 MPH, although sometimes it feels they do!


Cleave wrote:

Hello PNPhoto,

How about E-1 at ISO 200 with ZD 50mm + 1.4TC, 1/250 sec, f2.8,
full frame, no cropping:


She was moving somewhere between 25-30 MPH.

You can see more shots on this thread:


I would imagine that the E-300 can do about as well. Not sure if
this is the kind of indoor sports that you wanted.


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