20D corrupts files on CF card

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Re: 20D corrupts files on CF card

Are you in EU?

no need to rag on the US advice...

I am sure across Europe you can pick up reasonably priced cards - germany is good, and france as well.

plus even if import duty is 30% that still makes the 1GB sandisk $130 - surely much les than the 500 euros you quoted!

Arjen van Andel wrote:

grey-ghost wrote:

1) 1GB 80X CF cards from Sandisk and Lexar (the most reliable
brands IMHO) go for ~$100 US at B&H Photo. At those prices, it
hardly seems worth the effort to fix a bad 192MB card.

For many people on this (and other forums) the world only consists
of the US of A. So much in fact that they are unable to grasp that
some of us are actally living of that planet and have no easy
access to a US store, online or not (online -> abroad means postage
and customs, of which the latter can run up a bill quickly as some
nations charge huge import taxes (> 30%) on camera's).

Grey-ghost, if you had read my post, it's not a bad card, because
it always worked flawessly. And I also wrote that I'm willing to
buy another card but don't want it to be a slow card for a premium
price. I'll wait a while to see what happens when the old, non
specified (8-12x?) stock has run out or the news about
manufacturers lowering their prices hits the island. Or I'll ask
someone coming from abroad to bring one over.

2) Everything I've read says you should format/delete files, etc.
on a CF card IN CAMERA, not using PC. I'm on a Mac platform, so I
don't know what issues might be attributable to actions taken on a
WinXP platform.

The system used allows for formatting, deleting and whatever you
want to do with the card in or out of the camera. There are just
bad implementations of it that force us to do things in-camera. By
the way, I did use the camera for all the work with this
'defective' card.

3) CF cards in my Canon digitals (currently two 20Ds), even when
all images are deleted, appear to keep some shot information on the
CF card, reducing the shot capacity over time.

What appears to be left on the card are the empty folders Canon
creates at every 100 images boundary (how did they think this whas

I think I read somewhere (Canon manual?) that these leftovers
eventually block the card from further use (until reformatted I
hope) when there are 999 folders on the card, at which point you
need to get a new card.


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