New Nikon Film Scanners - When?

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Re: New Nikon Film Scanners - When?


As mentioned by several others, I doubt Nikon will release another mode in the near future.

The current CoolScan 5000 and Coolscan V ED has resolution of 4000 dpi which already exceeds the film's grain size. More resolutions will not help much actually.

The top model. CoolScan 5000 has density of 4.8 and USB2.0 interface. the software interface is quite good, also it DOES has a mode for kodachrome and B&W which is the addition to previous generation of CoolScan.

In 8 bit per channel mode, the file size is about 55MB and is 110 MB in 16 bit mode.

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Abie wrote:

Anyone know when Nikon might be introducing a new line of Coolscan
scanners? The current generation, the Coolscan V ED and Super
Coolscan 5000 ED appear to be a 2003 generation, as Nikon itself
indicates on its website.

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