I am looking for a action that splits a image into

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Laurie: Answer(s) [I hope] to your questions


In PS there are usually multiple ways to achieve a particular effect. Here's the route I took in a nutshell. Don't panic: There are a lot of "little," but not complicated steps. This process is ideal for an action.

  • The grid plugin is used to create a white lines on a black background.

From this a "selection" (marching ants) will be created. In the plugin be
sure B-trans=0 and L-trans=0.

  • Once you've got a BW grid layer created, open the Channels Palette

  • Ctrl + Click on any channel (RGB is fine). This "loads the selection."

  • Back to the Layers Palette...

  • Turn off (click eyeball) on grid layer

  • Select > Inverse. This "flips" the selection.

  • Press Q to invoke Quick Mask. You'll see the selection [probably] in red

  • Filter > Other > Minimum. Adjust raduis to desired width; OK.

  • Press Q to exit Quick Mask

  • Important: Click on the subject layer

  • Layer > New Layer > Layer via Copy - will put tiles based on the

selection onto a new layer. It is to this layer you apply the drop shadow
(in just a minute).

  • Below the tiles layer, create a new layer and fill it with any color except

black, white or a shade of gray. A very light yellow is a good choice.

  • Above that layer, Layer > New Adjustment Layer > Hue/Saturation

  • Play with Hue/Sat sliders until you get a background color you like; OK

  • Layer > Group with previous (keeps H/S assoicated with just that layer)

  • Click on the tiles layer so it's active

  • Layer > Layer Styles -- and have a fun time deciding what effects to apply.

Now, to get individual tiles that you can manipulate...

  • Use the rectangular selection tool

  • Drag a selection around one or more tiles. You don't have to worry about including the drop shadow or any other Layer Style option applied, just the tile(s).

  • Layer > New Layer > Layer via CUT. This puts the selected tile(s) on a separate layer to do with as you please, e.g., turn off the layer (to hide it), drag it to a new location, rotate it, change it to BW, etc. What's cool that the Layer Style applied to the tiles layer is propagated to the new layer!

Hope this gets you moving. Don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions or in the high likelihood I got something bass ackwards or left something out! (LOL)


p.s. 20/20 - An "action" might be worth 1,000 words. Send me an e-mail via my profile and I'll send you a beta copy of the action set I'm tinkering with. You can take it for a test ride if you like. It's very flexible.

DigitalinDC wrote:


I'd be interested too in how, in particular, you were able to
achieve the drop shadow. I downloaded the grid generator and can
place a grid over an image....then I'm stumped. I'm pretty sure I
could figure out how to move the selected pieces. Any and all
advise is greatly appreciated.

Thanks bunches,

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