20D vs D60 ISO test

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Re: Thanks for the test!

Ron Parr wrote:

Well, I'm saving the rest of my comments for later, but I expect
that when I'm finished evaluating things I will conclude that it's
a very worthwhile upgrade.

The speed of the camera (focusing and general operation) and the
improved flash system look like they'll be big wins for me.

From Phil's noise graphs, I was expecting exactly the results you posted, and thus have been hesitant about upgrading from my (recently purchased, oops) 300D. But in real life, I find that I shoot at ISO 200 or 400 most of the time, so I really shouldn't be all that irritated by the degraded performance at ISO 100. I'd guess that the 20D at ISO 100 is more of an improvement over any non-Canon dSLR at its lowest ISO than the 300D is over the 20D.

It'll be interesting to see how the 1Dsmk2 compares to the 20D. It sounds as though they may have put the 20D sensor improvements into 10D size pixels. That would be seriously neat. (Not that I can either afford or lift a 1Dsmk2, of course.) But if Canon puts that sensor in a 'tweener in '06...

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