tired of getting killed on konsumables...

Started Dec 28, 2004 | Discussions thread
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Have you considered

just having a lab do your prints, or at least most of them? Printing at home is generally going to be more expensive. No doubt some printers cost more than others to run but they are all expensive to operate. Obviously there is more to the equation than just cost otherwise very few people would bother.

Most people report that the HP130 is cheaper to operate than the Epson 4000. I would think that this would hold true for the HP 30 vs the Epson 2200 as well so I would look into the HP Designjet 30 if you want prints bigger than letter size. The smaller HPs are indeed expensive to run although I dont consider my R800 a bargain either.

Investorguy wrote:

I have an HP photosmart 7350 printer. It prints great pictures.
However, in an effort to save some cash I bought some of the
knock-off inks... sheesh.. my pics were all red and there was
really nuthin I could do to get it to look right.

So, it's $65 at officemax for 2 replacement inks (never noticed an
improvement w/ the "photo" ink). They last a startlingly tiny
amount of time. I'm willing to buy a new freakin printer if I can
save something on consumables over the long run.

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