NEW: Kodak Z700 (5x zoom) and Z740 (10x)

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Re: NEW: Kodak Z700 (5x zoom) and Z740 (10x)

I agree with you, Ron must be feeding back the Kodak. And I've not written off the company for their just one 7590 model (disappointment over expectations), I hope definitely they would like to comeup with better competitive models. I think any new model released by any camera manufacturer not necessarily related to its former models, I mean alll camera are not always upgrades to the prior models, they hold different class, different sereis. As Z-740 is of totally different class, and series, its no more DX sereis model, its model number doesnot follow the analogy of 6490-7590 and so on, then why to compare?

terrasolid wrote:

Bas Meijer wrote:

Had to share first, now got some reading to do...


dx7490 was released only on august. Kodak won't bring an upgrade
for its product in 5 months after release. As Ron Baird hinted,
Kodak will come up with something at prosumer level in May-August
2005. I hope then Kodak will bring something that can compete with
likes of Nikon 8800 or Panasonic fz20 with features like RAW image,
IS, manual focus, manual white balance, etc.

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