Increasing flash recycle times???

Started Jun 14, 2004 | Discussions thread
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Re: Li-Ion Flash Batteries?

Thanks for taking the the time to answer with this very informative post.

However I belive that the reasons that you expose here are not that strong against a Li-Ion powered flas unit.
The same can be said about the cameras that use them.

I can find my Canon Li-Ion BP-511 for $12 per pack, (same price as a set of AA), granted not manufacturer originals, but they still perform even better than the Canon ones.

What I really agreee and is possible the main issue here, is safety concerns, and manufacturer liability.
But as long as the battery have the circuit breakers, I don't think that
could happen. Right ?
Well, I guess time will tell.

I'm just used now to the easyness of handling of just one pack. Putting the 4 set of AA cells is such a hassle when compared with the simplicity of a Li-Ion baterry pack.

I unload the AA fron the flash unit after I'm done with shooting to avoid dischard or potential leakings.

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