What 1 GB FlashCard would you recommend for a DRebel?

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Re: SkyTamer: read this...

ajmac wrote:

My experience certainly suggests that is correct in relation to
writing to the card in the camera.

However, people in the 300D forum have pointed out that if you use
a card reader rather than the camera to download to your PC, you
will be able to take advantage of the faster reading speed. I have
just bought a card reader, and can confirm it makes a big
difference when downloading.

But this isn't the task that you really need the CF's speed. I can download an 8gb CF to my PC and just leave it behind as it does its thing, while I go take a bath or have coffee or buy a few things from the grocery.

If maybe you're a photojournalist for a wire agency with a 1D Mk2 covering an event with Page 1 potential for all the newspapers of the world that you really need to dispatch photo that very same minute from a full 1gb CF card, firing up your laptop onsite, it would be wise to choose the images direct from the card, open it up in PS, make a duplicate file, process, save JPEG to laptop HD, then send. Even newspaper photographers don't need to work that fast coz they have fixed late afternoon or early evening deadlines. A delay of a minute or two in downloading images from the CF card, IMHO, won't matter at all.

That's why I'm happy with my regulard Sandisk 1gb CF cards for my 300D.

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