Costco (Fremont) prints not square

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Re: Costco (Fremont) prints not square

Thats called edging. Their printer is out of adjustment.
They should have reprinted them. The 8x12 paper is
a small mystery. The photo managers attitude
is a larger mystery.

bdougr wrote:

I had 45 8x10 borderless prints done the other day for SCCA trophy
photos. The prints came out non-square and printed on 8x12 paper.

The 8x12 I can handle via a trimmer. The problem is the prints are
rotated a few degrees so there is a 1/16inch wedge of white paper
at the top and the bottom that needs to be trimmed off.

I took the prints back and the photo manager told me "thats the way
they print" No apology. Told me to take them to Kinkos.

OK Rant off. I manually trimmed the prints (nearly 200 edges) Never
trust Costco.

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