Sam's Club - unintentional Cropping

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For DaveS, AnewMan & Michael

Michael J. Capozzi wrote:
Read the information on this site. It will explain what the
frontier printer does and why it crops and how to size your prints
to minimzse the cropping error. Frontier printers need an exact
size of 300 ppi. Your aspect ratio in PS must be 1200 x 1800
pixels. I normally size my prints in PS using the batch command and
run an action on them. I take mine to my local Costco and tell then
no corrections and no resize and they come out great. I also
convert my photos to their profile. Read the article and I think
you will solve your problem.

Jim Rickards wrote:

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I had a bunch of prints done at Sam's Club at the Kiosk, using my
CF card.

All the prints were cropped from my originals, some more than
others, but over 90% to the point they were unacceptable. Some
cropped 3 sides, but mostly all 4 sides. Not all pictures were
cropped the same amount.

I followed up and the tech walked me thru the manual adjustment of
each picture to turn off cropping. She printed again with SAME
result. She says, sorry sir, there is nothing more we can do.

Next stop was the store manager. She followed up with the Fuji rep
and he said do the manual "no crop" edit (that we already tried).

There may be more to this story later, but now it's time to ask if
anyone else has had the problem, or knows of a solution.

Jim Rickards

Photo critiques are always welcome.

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Thanks for your inputs.

Dave -

I too was told you need to "allow" for the cropping, but I found the cropping amount varied from picture to picture as well as (occsionally) it seemed to crop more from one side than another.
Not easy to work around that!

No I didn't get the white bordered prints. Good thought, however. Thanks


This is the reply I was hoping for! Thank You!

When trying to imagine why the cropping was occuring, pixel dimensions did come to mind. I saw no instructions or cautions at the Sam's Club kiosk, however. Guess I will have to write one and give it to them.

I will resize as you said and print again.

Thanks for taking the time and providing the link.

Jim Rickards

Photo critiques are always welcome.

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