Background stands on e-bay - please advise

Started Nov 19, 2004 | Discussions thread
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Heavy Duty...

I have a large muslin backdrop that I use. In order to hold it up I have 3 heavy duty "C" stands I got from B&H. I would not trust anything smaller to do the job without either breaking or falling down. As is I use several pounds of sand bang weight on each stand to keep them in place.

If you are planning on using large backdrop be carefull not to get wimpy stands or you will just be replacing them when they break or fall on a model.


JK2004 wrote:

I am looking for an inexpensive background stand, for
non-professional occasional use. I've looked at B&H and e-bay, and
I wonder if anyone has suggestions as to which one of these is a
better value, and a decent quality. I plan on using just muslin
backgrounds, and nothing too heavy.

1) Here is one from B&H: comes to $80 total

2) Here is one from amvona: it will sell for about $100 plus $25

3) here is another one from e-bay: it will come to about $100 total

thanks in advance

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