Upgrading firmware on the E-1 on Windows XP, Service Pack 2

Started Jan 4, 2005 | Discussions thread
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Michael Meissner
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Upgrading firmware on the E-1 on Windows XP, Service Pack 2

In case other people haven't yet upgraded their firmware or installed Olympus Viewer for the E-1, I thought I would mention the steps involved. I don't know if the E-300 will have similar problems.

1) Install the Viewer software from the CD. This is complicated by the fact that on Windows XP/SP2, the installation program crashes. What you need to do is go in with Windows Explorer, and go to the drive by typing it in (D:\ in my case). If you double click on the CD, it will run the auto-run program and crash once again. Reboot your system.

2) Download and install the Viewer 1.2 software from (making sure that Viewer is not running at the time): http://www.olympusamerica.com/e1/sup_softwareupdates.asp . Reboot again.

3) Set your camera's USB/Firewire mode to Control instead of Storage. Make sure your batteries are charged up.

4) Download and install the Studio Software Driver for Windows XP. If you use the version on the CD, you will need to uninstall Viewer and start over. When prompted to, attach the camera to USB or Firewire. Evidently every time you change from USB to Firewire, you have to run this software once again. I suspect if you have multiple USB controllers in your system (ie, a USB 2.0 pcmcia card plus 1.1 ports builtin), you will have to run the software once again. Note, the computer has to be on the internet, and hopefully the Olympus site is up.

5) Run Viewer, and go to the Help menu, and click on Install Firmware. Install the 1.3 firmware. Afterwards unplug the USB/Firewire cable from the camera, and wait until it is finished installing. Then turn off the camera.

6) If you have the 14-54 lens, connect it to the camera, go into Viewer, go into Held and click on Install Firmware. Install the 1.1 firmware for the lens. Unplug the USB cable, and wait for the camera to finish. Turn off the camera.

7) If you have the 50-200 lens, go through the same thing.

This is one of the more complicated methods of installing firmware. I wonder, did Olympus have a contest to see which engineer could come up with the most hairbrained method of installing firmware? What was wrong with putting the firmware in a special directory on the CF card and turning on the camera that most other camera makers use? Also, the little warning that you can't back out firmware must have been a special touch -- after all, firmware never has bugs in it. Why does the Studio Software driver have to be reinstalled when you switch from firewire to USB?

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