Do you feel 'complete'? With what lenses?

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Do you feel 'complete'? With what lenses?

For years I thought I would never be satisfied with the lenses I had. But during the last half year I am!

If you are perfectly happy too with your current lens line-up for at least half a year, please write down your perfect list, too.

So no ´wish lists´, only real ones.

These lists may be useful for the many people who are reading this forum and are starting to collect there own set of lenses.

I have a 10D.
My 'perfect list' (all Canon):

15mm fish eye

Bought it for fun (together with another lens), but use it a lot now and wouldn't like to miss it.

24mm TS
Rock solid (all metal and glass), just holding it in your hands is fun!

I should do more with this lens, but it is hard to get good results (manual focus, exposure, CA, tripod, etc.).

Great allrounder, great quality.


Oldie but a goodie. I had the 28-300IS too, but the 35-350 won the race, probably because I was very biased towards my 35-350 ...

50mm/1.8 Mk 1
To be honest, I haven't used it at all so far.

100mm/2.8 USM macro

Have this one for macro, but don't use it very often. It is really hard (for me) to make nice macro pics (DOF, exposure, manual focus, etc.)


I bought this because ....... well, just because I wanted to have it. I wanted to have 'the best lens ever' if only for some weeks, and I planned to sell it soon. Unfortunately I took some very nice pics of my family, and they won't let me sell it!

It really is a great lens, but expensive, heavy, and I miss the flexibility of zoom.

2x extender MkI

Only used it once to try with the 200mm, but I didn't like the results so far. I must do some more experimenting with it.

Did I ever want to change or improve this line-up?
Yes, I tried the 28-300 but just could not sell the 35-350.

I thought about changing the 35-350 for a 70-200/2.8 , but I would loose too much range and the quality of my 35-350 is OK.

What other lenses did I try?

50mm macro

Nice lens, but changed it for the 100mm macro. Don´t know if that was a good idea, the 50mm was really good and easy to use.

Nice lens, but I didn´t use it any more.

See above.

50mm Mk 2

I did not see any difference in quality between Mk1 and Mk2, so I put both for sale. First sold was the Mk 2 so I kept the Mk 1.

Hardly used it because I had the 28-135


Had this for a short time because I found out I really liked more wide angle, and bought the 17-40

If I could do it all over, in what order would I buy them?
15 fish
100 macro (or maybe the 50mm macro)

not sure if I would buy these again
24 TS


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