Help Me w/ my Canon i9900 Please!!!

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Re: Help Me w/ my Canon i9900 Please!!!

I have never had the need to be quite so precise in my prints.

Try this if your using PS. Once you have sized and cropped your photo go to: image/ canvas size/percent and add 3% to 4% to the width and height.You can run a few test prints on your printer to see what percent you need to add to the canvas size to get the final print you desire. The other alternative is to crop your photos to include a little more area than you want printed. Not very precise but it could work.

TheStarsAbove wrote:
That's probably what it is...thanks!!

But how do I adjust for this?


Michael J. Capozzi wrote:
In order for your printer to print boarder-less prints it enlarges
the print slightly so if the paper is not perfectly aligned you
don't end up with a while strip on the edge. The Noritsu printers
do the same.

ioannis wrote:

If you choose borderless printing you can move the slider sto the
second right setting. That slider adjusts how the printer prints at
the edges and using the recommended 2nd from right position will
result in having a little bit of your image not printed.

Now it is very useful to check the preview button so you know what
to expect.

Remember you need to load the paper on the portratit orientation
and make sure your image and page setup in the printer menu is set
like that.

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