G1 nodal point

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Re: G1 nodal point measured

Just heard there is another bracket manufacturer for the G1. It is A company called Kaidan I didn't go yet to their site and don't know if they have one but the bracket i have seen is most impressive.


p.s. Chris, wher did you get the tripod?

Chris wrote:
Hi Ruvy,

my idea is to modify a macro tripod from Cullmann (german
manufacturer) - it's called Cullmann3335. This baby is great, you
can shot from 1cm above the ground up to 2 meters. At the following
link you can see it in the biggest pic on top of the page:

I got it together with a bag and an adjustment platform
Cullmann3077, all together for about 165$ (exactly 330DM). And this
3077 is the key.

Look at this link and you can imagine, what I have in mind:

But my solution is much cheaper - the 3077 costs only 30$

The second platform needs to be modified, to attach it on top of
the other. The tripod mount of the platform need a thread, which
can be easyly done by exchanging the tripod mount by a piece of
wood with the thread in the middle. So I only have to get a thread
(same size as on your cam) and a piece of wood (5x5x1 cm), which
can be attached to the platform with the screws formerly holding
the tripod mount. That's all.

BTW - this solution is only for horizontally shots.

Greetings from Germany


Ruvy wrote:

Alain and Chris

Thanks for the rain that let Alain do our work and Chris, can you
share your head ideas? Based on Alains previous post I have
developed some sketches for a tripod adaptor for the G1 - may be
interesting to compare notes.


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