G1 nodal point

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Re: G1 nodal point measured

Chris and Alain

Thanks for the interesting ideas and information about this amaizing tripod. What I had in mind (free for use by anyone wanting it for their own use - commercial use of this ideas requires a written permission from me) is something along the lines of the attached sketches.

They all have a lowered slot for connecting to the tripod bolt. This allows use of any focal length assuming that the bolt of the tripod is at or near center of rotation. The circular hole is to connect the camera with a camera thread. (Alain, there is a Japanese manufacturer of a grip to the G1 who uses this bolt + all tripod manufacturers are using it so it is available).

The upper unit in the sketches is from cast alluminum or plastic
The second sketch is from two aluminum or wood bars
The third is from pressed mettal sheet.

Hope it is interesting for you
http://www.fototime.com/ {29A41208-5EA9-11D5-B486-444553540000} picture.JPG


http://www.fototime.com/ {29A41208-5EA9-11D5-B486-444553540000} picture.JPG

Chris wrote:

Hi Ruvy,

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