additional battery for fz20

Started Dec 31, 2004 | Discussions thread
RD Turner Junior Member • Posts: 27
Re: I got one of these the other day

I just picked up a replacement battery from for $7.00 plus shipping and it came in 4 days seems to work as well as the original Panasonic battery. Here's the thread if you want to give them a shot.

scb wrote:
Bought two batteries from eagle imports via
problems....haven't noticed any longer or shorter use time than

genece wrote:

Seems to be as good as the one from Batterybarn
Kodak DC-4800
Panasonic FZ-10 and FZ 20
T Con 17 --C210-- Raynox 2020 pro -- Tcon 14 --DCR 720

Just trying to learn and it's slow going!

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