FAT32 4gb CF in S1IS

Started Dec 31, 2004 | Discussions thread
Aaron Chazan Regular Member • Posts: 348
Re: FAT32 4gb CF in S1IS

rgor wrote:

Canon says the S1IS is FAT32 compatible, and so does the review
here at DPReview. So I mail ordered a SanDisk 4gb UltraII CF card
and when I tried to format it, the camera tells me I have 1.9gb
available space - both before and after the format. I checked the
Canon website to see if my firmware was up to date (I bought the
camera two months ago) and it said I was up to that level. Am I
missing something?
Rob G.

Aaron wrote:
Do you have a switch on the card??

1 position for 4GB
1 position for 2 GB
and the other for the other 2 GB


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