New D70 owner, S2Pro escapee - first shots

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New D70 owner - first shots

JP, thank you for those mind words. I think the success is due to the camera. There were some 'difficult' subjects - koati against strong sky, elephant in poor light, orchid against window. I guess I meant I treated them as snapshots, rather than thinking about composition. Some of the work I see here leaves me breathless.

I am so looking forward to my D70


jpeni wrote:
"They lack artistic merit?" -

Your pictures are well-exposed, well-balanced and not busy with too
many subjects. What else could you want?

Keep shooting.


rob_b wrote:

I was given a D70 for Xmas, previously enoyed an S2Pro. I guess my
problem with the S2 was the success rate, esp in terms of focus/.
My eyesight is such that I must trust the camera a lot.

Amyway, these are the first few post-Xmas images - varied, and just
intended to show me what the camera can do. They lack artistic
merit, but I am stunned by the ease with which these images were
captured. The concensus is that the images are superior to the

BTW, does anyone know how to include the EXIF automatically. The
elephant shot was indoors, with eak winter sub as the sole light
source, and is 0.2 second exposure on my 70-200VR.

Hope this group is a friendly as the S2Pro crowd.


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