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Seagate ST1 Format

Started Dec 9, 2004 | Discussions thread
peecat New Member • Posts: 5
Re: Seagate ST1 Format

Steph69 wrote:

Iam not so sure these st1's are worth the bother, i was singing for
them a while ago but every other day in my 828 got forrmat error,
then i noticed that i had shot 20 or 30 pics but only got maybe 15
or so back off the card,then card just died. Its totally dead rio
wont touch it card reader wont touch it nor windows nor XSdrive
pro.Strange noises coming from card to and as with everything i
love i treat all my stuff as i would a baby.

Good news is i called the store i bought the carbon from and said
it wont charge or turn on anymore and they are going to give me a
brand new one.
Think this one may just be a mp3 player !!!

Hey guy's guess what. This drive has been changed and is lock. It can not be used with anything but the player. I'm no expert but all I can say is I formatted about 30 drives then all of a sudden error 02. I tried four new drives and all the same. I think if you want a drive to work you need to purchase an older one off of ebay or find some old stock from a store. The serial # starting with 4540000110090 does not work. The last one I had to work started with 404.......... I hope this helps. maybe if people post their number that doesn't work between mine we can find out where the change occured.

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