Which remote? (20D)

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Which remote? (20D)


Back from my short holliday in the polar regions, unfortunately there was only one night with clear weather, but there was no Aurora Borealis at that time, so I'll guess I'll just have to wait until next year then....

However, a question;

Trying to take pictures up there was tough, as the sun never comes up at this time of the year, at best you can get dusk-like light condtions, meaning high-ISO time -all the time.

Took my Bigma out for a small adventure though, as there were some fine birds sitting in the moonlight, but the 20D + Bigma combo is pretty heavy on my cheap tripod, so I had a really hard time getting good pictures. (Used mirror lockup and 2 second timer). This was mainly because the after-shake from me gently squeesing the shutter lasted for more then 2 seconds with this tripod (a cheap mid-size velbon 5xx-something).

So, I guess remote is a neccessity in this situation and also for moon shots etc....so I found two on B&H;



And the TC-80N3


There was also a wireless alternative called LC-4


But imo even the imported price is just way over budget..

What I'm wondering about is what the difference is between the RS-80N3 and the TC-80N3? I'm basially planning to take tripod-bigma shots of stationary birds(not going for another tripod at this time, because the good ones are just to expensive at the moment), and also tripod mounted lightning shots in the summer and some moon/other shots.

From searhing this forum, I've seen talk about a Chinese third party remote, but I never found any part number or site that actually sell it, but from what I understand, it works well after one have attached it and de-attached it a couple of times and have the same features (all?) as the RS-80N3?

Advice from people with experience would be apperciated, price-wize, for me, the RS-80N3 is a bargain (half the price we have in Norway).

(oh... and does that "Now I just need one more thing and my system is complete" syndrome ever end? )




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