LCD Displays only 16M colors?

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Re: It is an ACER AL1931 monitor

Sorry for taking an age to respond - 32bit colour here.

What graphics card do you have? Does it have enough memory to support your new resolution at 32bit colour?

Paul van der Hoven wrote:
How many colors can yours display?

push wrote:

I use an IBM t860 and I'm happy with the quality.

There are some other very good LCD's out there. What model did you
buy and how much did you spend?


Paul van der Hoven wrote:

I just bought a 19" TFT LCD Monitor but it displays only 16 million
colors. Are there any models on the market that do better?
I am not really satisfied with the display, even though it is
calibrated. The colors are fine but it cannot really display a gray
scale without banding.
Are you satisfied with your LCD and if so what model is it?
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