Horray..She's back from the living dead!!!

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Horray..She's back from the living dead!!!

Subject says it alll really....

My beloved Uzi died last december with a broken zoom lever, everything else worked. I hated to scrap her, but the cost to send her off to Oly Eu for repair would be way too much.

After asking a few times at varioius places I simply put the camera on the shelf and almost fortgot about it. But suddenly 14 days ago I felt the urge to try get her going again, and my cry for help was answered by TKO who generously sent me the remains of his Uzi...

Finally I had the parts and a quiet eveing, found my jewellers screw-drives a good lamp, and got going.

I carefully un-screwed alll visible screws and put the on different trays along with the losened panels. Please note there are two different threads, and do make note where they are used!

Once screws that attached a panel were gone I could pry it loose! No need for any force, that indicates there is still one more screw to undo

This picture shows the guts of the camera, and when got this far it was childs play to gently pry the flat flexible pcb that runs from the lever to the white connector on the printed circuit board (pcb).

I did loosen the screw that holds the corner of the PCB so I could tuck the flex-pbc back when mounting the new lever. Fasten this screw and the two that holds the lever, I next used a fine tweezer to very carefully put the flex-pbc into the socket. Make sure it fits, and thats it!

Now lets put it all together again! First make sure you have not loosened any flex-pcbs attaching the various panels! If you have been careful this should have hold togheter without any trouble!

Just to remind that the panel that covers the SM-slot, does come back on first, or you have to take it apart again (been there done that)

This shows the top panel which needs to be juggled back in, a bit tricky as you have to have the flash half open, and once you got it right it sort of snaps back into position, along with the rear panel. Oh just for those who got some dust in the EVF, it is only two screws holding the "optics" and once those are removed you can take the "eye-cup" off and clean...

As proof that my surgery was successful this is the broken lever, which will be dis-assembled i due time for forensic..... and the picture was shot with the now repaired UZi

I would like to thank the Oly forum for the support and especially TKO who so generously sent me the parts.... free of charge, even refusing to accept a small token for shipping! I really hope he enjoys his vacation!!

Cheers, long live the UZi


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