job opportunity with my new 20d.....any advice welcome

Started Dec 27, 2004 | Discussions thread
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Steve Nesbit New Member • Posts: 15
job opportunity with my new 20d.....any advice welcome

ok, a little background....My brother and sister in law own and manage a commercial construction company. They build churches,school's, commercial buildings ect. I shot there daughters wedding in Sep. ( only my 2nd ) wedding shoot. I must have done it well by the compliments I recieved. Last week they called me wanting to contract my services to shoot there building's in progression and final phase, shoot inside and out.

They want this all shot in digital for ease of transfer and design of a new website using my pictures.I still shoot film but was looking for a reason to jump head first into the digital age.I sat down with them today and worked out a working contract for my service.

1) they fronted me the funds for a 20D body, 16-35 2.8 L, 50mm 1.4 usm, 550 ex flash, bag, tripod, ect.

2) this was just over $4000, they spotted me the $4000 and I picked up the rest.

3) for the equipment I will go on location to these job sites and try to do a little magic.

This will be part time, we set up the contract that I would own the equipment clear after 100 hours of my sevice ($40.00 per hr.) They would also pay me .38 cents per mile for my trouble.

Did I make the correct equipment choices?

Is there any thing I'm leaving out?

Shooting advice?

P.S. It's because of this site and forum that I chose the 20D
Thanks guys..........Steve

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