Coopix 8800/8400 vs Minolta A200

Started Dec 25, 2004 | Discussions thread
Lajos Hajdu Senior Member • Posts: 1,590
A question to David

Sorry for the off-topic question, but David, would you tell me if the FZ20 focuses and writes to the card noticably faster than your 8400? I.e. is it much better suited to action photos? My 8800 is quite poor in that. Thanks.

David Taylor wrote:
Herschel wrote:

Anybody with hands-on experience?

I had a Minolta A2, once. It's image quality was no better than a
Nikon 5700 (at least in JPEG mode), and the LCD swivel was limited
and tinny. I sent it back. I hope than Minolta have fixed the
in-camera JPEG conversion defects which were present on the A1 and
not fixed on the A2. I alos hope they have stopped describing the
number of pixels in the EVF in a most misleading way.

I have an 8400 and am very pleased with it, although I would prefer
that it had a bigger aperture lens (at telephoto) and image

My wife has a Panasonic FZ20 which is better value than the 8800 in
our opinion, and has an f/2.8 lens throughout the full zoom range.


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