Light modifier for on camera flash.

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Cool! TY! n.t.

Michael J. Capozzi wrote:

I have tried just about every flash attachment to soften the direct
light from my flash. Stofen, Omni bounce, Lumiquest, Photoflex Q39,
ceiling bounce etc. While all worked to a greater or lesser degree,
there were some attachment problems that made the best modifiers
somewhat difficult to work with. After seeing some of the recent
posts on home made and other modifiers I thought I would see what I
could devise. My wife uses a facial cleansing pad made by Dove. It
is supplied in a small plastic container which looked to be about
the right size for a flash diffuser. It was quite simple to cut a
hole in the back to slide over the diffuser that came with my Nikon
SB-800 flash. The container is quite light but it is made of
material that is about 1/8" thick. It is light enough that when
attached it doesn't override the detent stops when the flash head
is set to an angle. By cutting carefully I was able to make a very
secure press fit on to my existing flash cover.
It increase the diffuser size from 1.5" X 2.5" to 3.5" X 5.75" and
the front surface area by 500%. The light appears to be softer than
every other adapter except for the Q30 soft box. The nice thing is
that it is instant on and off when using. The front cover can be
opened and angled and used much like the Lumiquest 20/80 . I
haven't tried yet but I'm sure I could make an insert for the front
cover to act as a reflector when in the open position.
It's been fun playing around with this and the good news is it
works for me. Thanks for looking at my "what can I do this
afternoon " project.

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