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Re: Olympus C-210

batty wrote:

That's an interesting find, Rich.

Olympus glass has a good reputation.

52mm threads are not a problem (after all, the in-built Fuji zoom
lens has an objective diameter of 49mm, so, some leaway in marrying

Where did you get the information that it vignettes, on our Fujis,
it might be a function of an over-long adapter tube?

Seems like you have volunteered yourself to try it out for us.

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I have tried it out. I just haven't made any meaningful tests or comparisons. I know it vignettes with my adapter tube, but not much at full magnification. I bought it to play around with wildlife shots and the vignetting isn't much of a problem for the price. I'll try and post some pictures with it as soon as I have some decent ones to show. By the way, it's Olympus on-line store that is selling them, so they're brand new in the box.

rlj wrote:

Has anyone tested the Olympus C-210?...

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