The D2H captures the story...

Started Dec 22, 2004 | Discussions thread
yoshi Contributing Member • Posts: 697
Re: Excellent Jonathan, Exciting, well written nt

As soon as things settle down in the new year, you'll be hearing from me to go on the Hollywood safari hunt

yoshi - who ate next to AC Green @ Grandlux cafe the other night and shopped along side Kathy Griffin @ The Grove last night. Too bad they're not "sellable" celebs - lol.

Jonathan F/2 wrote:

Sorry for any minor spelling errors, I was waiting for my
girlfriend to get out of her college class, so I decided to write
about one of my work experiences. This might sound funny, but the
images don't tell the whole story...despite the photos being the
outcome, the process in getting the photos is an experience in
itself at least in my line of work.

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