Sample (1 pic) from DSC T1,with N/R

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Re: Sample (1 pic) from DSC T1,with N/R

Yes, the camera refuses to take pictures at slower than 1/8" when set to exp. bracket, and somewhat bizarrely it takes at 1/8", 1/8", 1/10" in complete darkness, resulting in the 3 underexposed pictures in poor light that I mentioned.

I went through some test photos I still have, and found one correctly exposing at 1/10", 1/15", 1/20". I never have problems with the first 2 being the same exposure except when the shutter speed drops down below 1/10".

Jason Q wrote:
do you notice that in exp. bracketing that the first two pictures
are the same exposure, 0EV and the last one is -0.3EV. should it be
+0.3, 0 , and -0.3? when you choose +-0.3 EV or is it just my
camera that is like this?

sensingsys wrote:
I have been using the T1 for many months now, it resides
permanently in my jeans rear pocket, and so has captured a lot of
images that would never have been taken due to not having a camera
with me. Great camera, well worth its limitations.

With your image I see quite a lot of haloing, and noise is still
evident. I have noticed haloing with images captured by my T1
before doing any post processing, but so far only with 3Mp images.
It would be good if you could post the original image, or the
address to download it from, of the Garuda aircraft if you still
have it. It would be interesting to de-noise it using PhotoShop
Elements 2 and the NoiseNinja plugin with my own profiles for the
T1. According to the exif data the image size is 1.88Mp which is
very confusing as it should be 5, 3 or 1 Mp, possibly it has been
cropped from a larger size.

The usual camera settings that I have decided on after much
experimenting are:
EV: -0.3EV,
Focus: Centre AF,
ISO: 100,
REC Mode: Exp. Bracketing at ±0.3EV,
AF mode: Monitor,
Digital zoom: Off,
LCD backlight: Bright,
Beep: Shutter,
Flash: Forced off,
the rest standard.

I change the REC mode to Normal in poor light, otherwise the camera
just takes 3 underexposed pictures.
In very low light I change to ISO400 in order to reduce the effect
of any camera shake.

josan wrote:

I carry DSC T1 with me when I am working.
the main problem with this camera is Noise..
post processing is needed for better result, here is one sample
taken with Sony DSC T1. after Noise reduction applied
any comment is welcome

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