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I haven't yet seen any plausible results from the Raynox 2020Pro, rumours of which, have been knocking about the market for nearly a year; it might be very promising, if anyone can track one down in the wild.

In its absence, there are only two teleconverters that aught to be considered...

Fujifilm TL-FX9 or,

Olympus TCON-17

The former, was designed for use with the in-built camera lens, seen on the 4900/6900/602Z/S7000 cameras. As such, it offers 1.5x and minimal problems with chromatic aberations and vignetting.

The Olympus offers 1.7x, and, with only a very teeny-weeny increase in chromatic aberations over the Fuji lens.

Any other teleconversion lenses, for instance those labelled 'Titanium', or 'Crystal', are really, really, very bloody awful, especially in comparison with a cloudy and wobbly sheet of semi-opaque, scratched, perspex, tentatively presented somewhere in front of your camera, by one of Santa's little helpers.

With the Fuji TL-FX9 (silver finish - older) or TL-FX9B (Black finish - newer), the necessary 55mm adapter tube is included.

With the Olympus TCON-17 lens, a 55mm adapter tube, will need to be sourced separately (

You might also be fortunate to find an Olympus B-300 on the second-hand market. This is almost identical to their later TCON-17 (which replaced it, after a long, and empty - except for rumours, gap), but the B-300 is better made. Both are quite a lot heavier, and a wee bit more unwieldy, than the Fuji lens. (All three, however, share the 55mm thread, for attachment to an adapter tube).

B-300 is still the bees knees, but heavier and bulkier than,

TL-FX9B, which is the prettiest and lightest.

TCON-17 is the everyday all-rounder.

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