Pentax Response to Flash Selection for DS...? Hmmm?

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Re: Pentax Response to Flash Selection for DS...? Hmmm?

RonJohn wrote:

While we couldn't advise you regarding the compatibility of non
Pentax flashes with Pentax cameras, the problem generally occurs
when someone tries to use a flash designed for one of our
competitor's cameras on one of our cameras. The pin placement on
the hot shoe is generally not the same which causes the short
circuiting of electronics inside.

This is about the dedicated Pentax contacts. If you put a flash whose contacts match one or more contacts on the Pentax hot shoe, and that same flash wasn't meant to support Pentax, the signals on those dedicated contacts might cause problems to the either the flash or the body. It says nothing about voltages.

Older Pentax flashes should work on newer cameras depending on what
model they are. However, you may not have some features available
on newer flashes.

So if older Pentax flashes have high voltage, you seem safe. Still I would ask specifically about the max x-contact voltage. There is a lot of confusion on this, Canon say

We hope this helps

If you have further questions, please feel free to contact our
Customer Service Department at: 800-877-0155 "

Mark Smith
Pentax Imaging Co.

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Subject: Are there restrictions on what flashes can safely ...

Are there restrictions on what flashes can safely be used with this
camera? I can't afford the Pentax dedicated flashes and some of
the forums are claiming that some flashes can 'fry' or destroy the
whole camera if the trigger voltages exceed some 'arbitrary'
voltage. Is this true? How about older Pentax TTL flashes; are
they ok to use? There are just 2-3 flashes listed in the DS
manual. Please clarify this because I MUST purchase a flash.
Thanks in advance...Ron Johnson

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