Pentax Response to Flash Selection for DS...? Hmmm?

Started Dec 20, 2004 | Discussions thread
rsjoberg Contributing Member • Posts: 566

More caution may be needed than I had thought. Still I think most of them with voltage problems are pretty old and why would one want to hook up some old Kalimar garage sale bait to a $1000 plus camera anyway? Here's a list of strobes that there are reports on:

I would be inclined to draw the line at about 24v.

Leo "Zoom" wrote:
Ancient You say? Some current Unomat models (B20, B24) still have
170V voltage...

rsjoberg wrote:

I think you'd have to be using some real ancient age stuff to run
into the flash trigger voltage problem. Back in the day cameras
used a physical metal contact switch inside the camera to fire the
flash. They were pretty robust, but could get burnt. A high
switching voltage flash could overcome a dirty switch for a longer
time, but then a technician would have to open up the camera and
clean or replace the contacts. Solid state switches started to
replace these 30 years ago and I doubt any high switching voltage
flashes have been produced for 25 years or more.

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