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Re: OMG, I am in love

Man you got a black 77 limited!?!?!? That is fantastic. I must say that my 77 is the best lens in my kit (or should I say my favorite lens). Forget about the construction for a minute, and just have a look at the pictures it provides. Man is it a great lens.

training_editor wrote:

My Tamron is arriving by Fed-Ex tomorrow morning and I just got
home with my Pentax 77 Limited (in black.) I was laughing that the
Pentax Canada rep must have packed it back from Japan personally
for me.

I shouldn't have. That is exactly what happened.

It is ONE gorgeous piece of metal and glass!

My only hope is that this 'fix' lasts for more than a month or two;
I HATE to think of what it would take to get me my NEXT lens 'high.'

In addition to my new lenses, today I got a VERY detailed reply
from Henry Posner himself about my concerns. He explained where B&H
screwed up and he pointed out that B&H does NOT outsource their
customer service calls. Everyone works from one of the New York

I should not have been so quick to jump to conclusions but when I
tried to read that almost incomprehensible message from the
customer service manager, I think most people could easily be under
the same mistaken belief that the person's English skills were poor.

Perhaps he was simply in a hurry. Whatever.

Henry Posner is, in my mind, a very honourable and ethical person.
The fact that he took the time to write out this long personal note
was only part of it. The most effective part for me was that he did
not promise B&H would not make a mistake again in the future -
which would have been an impossible promise. He DID promise that
B&H would always do their best.

Thank you, B&H. Yes, it took a week but I finally got some closure
on this issue! I am very glad to finally see why so many of you on
this forum think so highly of B&H.

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