Pentax Response to Flash Selection for DS...? Hmmm?

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Re: Pentax Response to Flash Selection for DS...? Hmmm?

jcespite wrote:

jcespite wrote:

sorry about that.. I posted without a response ... I tried both the pentax af-360fgz (as per the DS user manual) and the sigma ef-500 dg super (for pentax) and found that the sigma was much more powerful. I found the af-360 only slightly better than the internal flash..

The Sigma 500 DG Super, which has all the features of the AF360 (wireless, trailing curtain, P-TTL, etc.) is apparently still not available in the United States. Why, we don't know. The AF360 is adequately powered for up to small groups. I shot 400 images at a wedding tonight using the AF360. The AF360 does work very well.
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