SD9 VS SD10, Can you guess which photos by which cameras

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I care .nt

veroman wrote:

Skywalker wrote:

one is by sd9 + 28-70L and the other is by sd10 + 28-70L.
all are manual WB and the one by sd10 is changed a little in color
and expose refer to sd9 for color matching. other parameters are

What's the point? Or ... more to the point ... who cares? The SD-9
and SD-10 are vitually the same camera, with the major improvements
in the SD-10 being better noise control at high ISO (although it's
still a fairly noisy camera above 400) and better control of
incremental/bracketed exposures (1/3 vs. 1/2).

With updated firmware being available for the SD-9 and use of SPP
2.1, these cameras are practically twins at ISO 100, using
identical lenses and settings. Sigma is the first to admit that.
All you have to do is call them and ask.

Not sure what your comparison is intended to prove....

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