Amvona Softboxes fit Alien Bees?

Started Dec 17, 2004 | Discussions thread
OP 3rdEye Senior Member • Posts: 1,691

thanks for the input.

Much appreciated.
I'll keep the mis-measurment in mind in the event I decided to bid on them.

Chris Samples wrote:

They seem to set up pretty easily to me. But I will tell you that
their tape measure must be in mm as the size listed is not what I
got from them. It was atleast 2 inches shorter in both directions.
The construction of the softbox itself seemed to be good and I
think it will last for a while. I only have the AB softbox to judge
it against. I ordered a speedring from AB and it was here in 2
days. They are in Tenn and I am in Ga.

I made a large order with them and they shipped it to the wrong
address. I had ordered from them before and made sure I gave them
the new address. The girl said no problem, my card was listed at
the new address as well. So I am waiting, and waiting, and waiting.
Then I check my and it said my old
address. Luckily my other house is in the woods, or it would have
surely been stolen. It was a PITA as that house is almost 2 hours
away and it had rained since the order had been dropped off.


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