What kind of nudity in photography is in good taste?

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Re: Brokenz, what laws are restricing you?

Ben Lovejoy wrote:

thinkin2 wrote:

walking out of the water my wife started to laugh and grabbed my
arm and pointed to them. The woman had on a thong and was topless.
I guess they may have been Europeans on vacation here--of course
some of the locals can get pretty bare these days, especially after
a few drinks. Anyway, about the same time, I saw a couple of police
officers walking down toward them. They exchanged some words and
the woman put on her top.

Wow. Quite a difference in culture indeed! I bet the woman in
question still dines out on the story.


Yes, Ben. I've been to many parts of the world and I guess we here in the U.S. must seem very different. We do have a large pornographic industry, not that we are the only ones, but here in the states the majority of people are much more likely to associate nudity with porn rather than as an art form even though there may be absolutely no sexual intent on the part of the artist. Some people see what they want to see rather than what is actually there. On the other hand, public nudity should have some restrictions. Imagine a beautiful young woman walking down the sidewalk on a busy street with nothing on. Can you smell the burning rubber, hear the crash of metal on metal? LOL! Oh, for you ladies here, just change it to a young man.

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